M.A.S.S. Gen.2 – Mancraft Air Stock Support – stock for M4


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Available for Pre-order - Shipment June 2022

M.A.S.S. - Mancraft Air Stock Support - stock for M4.

It can accommodate 13ci (0,21l) HP tank.

  Material: Aluminium, Anodized black. Scratch-resistant hard anode
  Itself it weights around 400g (0,4kg / 0,9lb) Stock itself can be mounted on any kind of rifle where you are able to connect standard M4 stock (also using adapters, for example for AK/G36 etc). Micro HRR Regulator that's included with the stock has an output pressure range of 40-250psi which is easily adjusted using 2mm allen key. 3 output possibilities will allow you to use with with almost every HPA conv kit at the market!
  It can be used with any of the Mancraft conversion kits such as the PDiK Gen.1, PDiK gen.2, PDiK gen.3 and also with other HPA cylinder systems on the market. Set includes: - M.A.S.S mk2, M4 stock - Micro HRR Regulator - inner hose fitting

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CNC trigger for M4/M16 - ver.4

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